Pappu aur Pappa: A Hysterical Cartoon Show for both the Kids and Adults

Posted on : 09/Sep/2017

Nothing can beat the fun of relishing cartoon videos with family that is downright uproarious. Pappu aur Pappa is a fresh Hindi cartoon series from Maha Cartoon TV that centers on a family comprising of unorthodoxly imbecilic characters whose actions evoke laughter. Taking into account that kids vouch for cartoon shows that are light hearted and not content heavy – Pappu aur Pappa checks the list.

Incorporating seven prime members – Pappu, Chappu, Pappa, Mumma, Dadda, Dhappa and Teacher cum Neighbor of the family; all the characters are fun and easy to resonate with. The show differs from rest of the cartoon shows airing on the channel by not following a particular story thread but presenting a compilation of hilarious jokes.

Considering that gags these days generally fail to impress the viewers, the jokes featured on the program are absolutely funny. It is hard to not to laugh-out-loud when Pappu cleverly retaliates on his Pappa’s scolding’s regarding his distinctive life style.

The jokes mostly revolve around the day-to-day problems which is why they feel relatable and more precisely, entertaining. Those who prefer to spend their leisure time by watching perky cartoon videos, Pappu aur Pappa makes for an ideal viewing.

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