Simplify Your World by Watching Techno Kids Life Hacks

Posted on : 22/Sep/2017

Techno Kids is a widely loved interactive learning show that has been professing the kids numerous ways of utilizing the waste material. One of the special segments of the show is of Life Hacks where kids get to learn practical tricks and techniques which make their life simpler. There is plenty of stuff that has been covered in the show. A child may not perceive enough benefits of plastic bottles but through the eyes of DJ, they hold greater significance.

For instance, a kid may only use a plastic bottle of coca-cola post consumption as a water bottle. However, for DJ, there is dozens of different ways to use the same waste material and create something new and useful. We have seen him extracting an egg yolk from the whole egg through a bottle. Or make a pen stand and a salt and pepper cellar. Recently, he demonstrated how to inflate a balloon through a plastic bottle. So, there is plethora of things that we can do with waste material in our lives if we know the right tricks.

In Techno Kids Life Hacks, you are bestowed with all those smart DIY crafts ideas and activities that help in simplifying your world. Be it learning an easy way to fold clothes or drawing a circle without a compass. There is something for everyone. Subscribe to Maha Cartoon TV, the leading Hindi Cartoon channel of India to watch the program on our YouTube channel.

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