Surya Nagar ke Saahasi – Cocktail of Old School Comedy and Advanced Animation

Posted on : 03/Oct/2017

A cocktail of old school comedy and advanced animation, Surya Nagar ke Saahasi is an entertaining Hindi Cartoon show for kids. An adventure that began on a fairly straightforward note with Jackson and Suzi vowing to save their city by battling the Mushroom King has turned surprisingly more enthralling. Maintaining a playful attitude with plenty of self-depreciating humor and wise-cracking dialogues, the show is often a laugh riot.

Progressing with story thread of collecting all the missing pieces of sun in order to bring back peace and harmony in the city, the show has introduced half-a-dozen new characters. From Queen to her mentor, every character has enough depth to leave a lasting impression. Same can be said about the evil creatures belonging to the army of Mushroom King. Be it Tree Man or Potato Bombers, the creatures are equally weird and amusing.

If there is anything to nitpick then it is the negligible screen time of the primary bad guy itself aka the Mushroom King. After fifteen episodes, the central villain hasn’t confronted the warriors yet and it remains to be seen how their first face off would be. Especially considering how effortlessly through sheer wit and will Jackson has been consistent in defeating his army.

In addition to this, the character development has improved. The interplay between Jackson, Suzy, and Queen is significantly more memorable now than before. Recalling the events of the last episode, Jackson is soon to amend his skills at the Tower and it gets more exciting from here to see how the show will further progress.

Surya Nagar ke Saahasi airs every week on Maha Cartoon TV XD, the feature channel of Maha Cartoon TV. Watch the episodes online along with more Hindi Cartoon shows on YouTube by subscribing to the channel.

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