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Learn Something New Every Day with Ciko

Posted on : 22/Aug/2017

Learning is the most important part of life. It is only when we cease to learn, we stop growing. From school to college, we are always told to keep our knowledge about current affairs in check. It is not for the reason of preparing for some competitive exam but for the sake of growth on personal and professional level.

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Super Ninjas – A Cocktail of Superlative Animation and Engrossing Storytelling

Posted on : 05/Aug/2017

What commenced as a simplistic fantasy anime for kids has now advanced to an altogether different level. A cocktail of superlative animation and engrossing storytelling – Super Ninjas is turning out to be more thrilling and visually spectacular to relish. Facing threats every now and then, the challenges are consistently increasing for Noty and his gang. Their recent fight with the wolf-man and the shape shifter was an alarming one for them to take note of the more perilous things to come in the future.

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Jackson – A Cool Protagonist for the Kids to Resonate With

Posted on : 17/July/2017

One of the latest offerings of Maha Cartoon TV, Suryanagar ke Saahasi is a tremendously exciting show for the kids to watch. Expanding their palette of Hindi Cartoon shows; Suryanagar ke Saahasi is a great addition – primarily for the reason of embodying endearing characters. While this is another show that is centered on the quintessential theme of kids saving their city by fighting an ultimate bad guy; the uniqueness comes through the good dose of humor permeated in the screenplay.

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